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Reports and Analytics

  • Your practice will receive monthly reports at the beginning of each month, presenting a comprehensive breakdown of submitted cases by patient. These reports will include essential information such as codes billed, case status, and payments received, whether from insurance companies, patients, or responsible parties.

  • We also offer optional reports upon request. The most commonly requested reports can provide your practice with valuable information to ensure effective partnerships with facilities, enhance revenue growth, optimize staffing resources, and conduct thorough income breakdowns based on:

    • Facility, provider, insurance company, and/or date of service

    • Monthly/bi-annual and yearly financial reports

    • Revenue comparisons between insurance companies

      • We can also provide customized reports, please contact us for specific requests

  • Monthly reports and invoicing are prepared and sent by email to you. Reports offer detailed revenue breakdowns by facility, provider, procedure codes and more, and are all available to help direct you in your areas of growth.  

  • ABP will invoice you or your practice monthly based on payments received.

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