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Patient and Facility Invoicing

  • Anesthesia Billing Plus provides bi-weekly invoicing to your patients and/or the facilities you provide services for.  Your practice payment information is specific to invoicing for your patients so that payments can come directly to you or we can collect payment for you for disbursement. 

  • All payments can be made directly to you or your practice, and you will be invoiced monthly based on payments received.  We do not collect until you get paid!

    • If you are interested in online, credit card, or echeck payment options for your patients, we do offer this service at an additional fee. 

    • These payments will be collected by ABP and disbursed to you bi-weekly, this allows you to collect payments without needing a credit card processing service and keeps your personal address private.

  • We field all patient and facility phone calls for billing questions, obtain and update insurance information as necessary, and can even offer and employ payment plans for your patients, at your discretion. 

  • We follow up with patients by mail, text and phone calls for late payments to ensure your payments arrive on time and to prevent the need for referral to a collections agency. 

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