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Collection Services

  • Take the hassle out of collecting patient payments.  With many years of experience working with patients from all economic statuses, we are expert at collecting payments from patients before having to refer to an outside collections agency. 

  • We will work directly with your patients offering reminder emails, texts and phone calls when payments are overdue.

  • We accept multiple payment methods including credit card payments, bank transfers, and checks, and can collect these outstanding payments for disbursement to you, or direct patients to your practice for payment collection.


  • We can also offer patients flexible payment options and payment plans with your acceptance.


  • The need to refer to an outside collections agency is rare, but in the event there is a need, we handle this process for you as well.  We partner directly with these agencies and will seamlessly handle the transfer of all information while ensuring HIPAA compliance.  We continue to follow your cases through the collection process, collecting and disbursing these payments directly to you.

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