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Anesthesia and Pain Management Billing Solutions

Anesthesia billing follows its own set of rules that is unique to anesthesia.  At Anesthesia Billing Plus, we focus strictly on Anesthesia and pain management billing.  We use only certified anesthesia coders to code, batch and send insurance claims and therefore have a very accurate and high reimbursement rate.  As a partnered company we provide the following:

  • Anesthesia and Pain Management coding:  This includes chart auditing to ensure accurate and proper documentation and coding practices.  We will reach out to you or your providers directly if there are inaccuracies or missing information to ensure we can code your case at the highest levels for reimbursement.


  • Anesthesia and Pain Management billing:  Once cases are accurately coded, they will be batched and sent electronically through our billing software, this ensures there is a record of when insurance companies receive the case and allows us to follow up as necessary with them, to make certain you are paid in a timely fashion and to avoid any issues with timely filing compliance.


  • Consent forms:  We will work with you and your practice to evaluate and update your patient consent forms as needed so that they include all the necessary verbiage to allow for you to collect all amounts due to you for the services you provide.

As a part of the ABP team, we also offer all services related to billing such as insurance credentialing, CAQH compliance, patient and facility invoicing and more.  Please read more about these services in these other sections.

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